Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Syleena's Latest Chapter
Syleena Johnson has unveiled the album art for her the latest chapter in her trilogy of albums, The Chicago native looks stunning even with a tear drop making it's way down her beautiful face. Chapter 4: Labor Pains, a personal narrative chronicling Syleena's life as mother and newlywed, hits the streets on September 2. The album marks a change in Syleena's recording career, the sultry vocalist parted ways with Jive Records and started her own label, Aneelys Records. Syleena's signature gritty vocals can be heard on the latest Chapter 4: Labor Pains track to hit the net. Syleena follows in the footsteps of fellow Chi-Town native Curtis Mayfield with the socially conscious 'Freedom.' Syleena makes it a family affair by sampling her pop's 'I'm Talking About Freedom.' By the way, her father is the legendary and highly underrated Syl Johnson.