Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Soul Tracks

In the early 70's super producers Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff established Philadelphia International Records. The O'Jays' Backstabbers was one of the first albums released on the Philly based label providing a launching pad for the label and Philly Soul. After more than a decade of regional hits and traveling the 'chitlin curcuit', The O'Jays were on their way to soul stardom. The infectious 'Time To Get Down' and the uplifting anthem 'Back Stabbers' were heard on radios all across the country. 'Who Am I,' written by oft-forgotten composer, producer, and musician Bunny Sigler, was one of the soul ballads featured on the album. Masters of soul balladry, Eddie LeVert took lead vocals while William Powell and Walter Williams played the background to present a soft mood of introspection. The smooth yet haunting opening sounds gives way to a heartfelt vocal performance full of conviction creating soul music's saddest break up song.