Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Soul Tracks

A thin line exist between gospel and soul music. Gospel birthed soul music. The church environment, the call and response between preacher and choir, the sweet harmonies, emotional honesty, and vocal intensity of singers provided a blueprint for soul music. Somewhere in between the sacred and secular exist the music of Al Green. 'Let's Stay Together' can set the mood for a sensual Saturday night and 'Take Me To The River' can provide salvation on Sunday morning. Al Green grew up singing the gospel, his gospel roots are evident in all his secular recordings. Gospel music is deeply rooted in Al Green's soul. in In 1974 Al Green recorded the love song 'God Blessed Our Love' for Al Green Explores Your Mind. 'God Blessed Our Love,' a flawless spiritual union of gospel and soul, finds Al Green's angelic falsetto testifying with the passion of a gospel singer at a Sunday night revival.