Friday, August 1, 2008

Soul Tracks

Curtis Mayfield is responsible for producing some of the finest soundtracks. The singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire is responsible for Superfly, Aretha's brilliant Sparkle, and Let's Do It Again. Let's Do It Again was a detour from the Staples previous inspirational gospel infused recordings. As Stax was nearing bankruptcy The Staple Singers, Pops, Mavis. Pervis, Yvonne, and Cleotha, signed with Curtis Mayfield's Curtom label. The sacred Staple Singers fully embraced the sensual secular music of Curtis Mayfield on Let's Do It Again, the 1975 soundtrack to the highly successful film starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby. Mavis was at her vocal best, she fully embraced the lyrics with a hip sound that was a combination of funk, soul, sass, lust, and sexual seduction. 'I Want To Thank You' is in many ways a gospel song even though it combined the elements of soul and funk. The Staple Singers laid a piece of the foundation for modern gospel music with this track. Can I get a witness?