Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soul Tracks

Gospel music is the bedrock of American music. The influence of gospel on modern music is undeniable. Soul and R&B are direct descendants of the sacred musical form. Somewhere in between the sacred and secular exist John Legend's 'It Don't Have To Change.' The Ohio native received his musical training in the church. Legend's gospel upbringing overflow on the reflective 'It Don't Have To Change' from his debut project Get Lifted. The gospel tinged song invokes memories of a family gathered around an organ singing the songs of Zion. John's family, The Stephens clan, join the soul singer on the track. The Stephens' may not sing the praises of the Lord but they do reflect on the joys and pains of family life. Any song that has the ability to remind me of my grandmother and family gets a soul clap from me. 'It Don't Have To Change' does just that.