Friday, August 1, 2008

Payin' Homage

At any family function, you can rest assured someone is gonna throw on Al Green's classic 'Let's Stay Together.' Slowly, but surely, everyone is up snappin' their fingers and doing a little two step. For three minutes all your worries are a thing of the past as Al Green's seductive falsetto complimented with whispers and animated cries seep through the speakers. As the song draws to an end, someone is always overcome with emotion because Al Green has that effect on people. For over thirty years Al Green has sung us through the good or bad, and happy or sad. We've cried, contemplated relationships, made love and even found salvation in the music of Al Green. Upon the release of a new album, Lay It Down, it is only right that I pay homage to Al Green. Born Albert Greene in 1946, Al Green found fame with Memphis producer Willie Mitchell. Songs such as 'Let's Stay Together,' 'Tired of Being Alone,' and 'I'm Still In Love With You' turned Al Green into a soul sensation. As the 70's came to an end, Al Green was injured while performing on stage. He saw that as a sign from God to stop recording secular music. Eventually, Al would return to his musical roots and begin pastoring his own church in Memphis. Without a doubt, Al Green was born to sing the gospel. Success continued to follow Al Green as he recorded top gospel hits and received numerous Grammy Awards. Since 1985, Al has recorded 4 secular albums, Lay It Down is his latest release. The critically acclaimed album was released in May and includes production by ?uestlove of the Roots and features John Legend, Corrine Bailey-Rae, and Anthony Hamilton. Lay It Down, is considered by many to be one of the best albums of the year. Take a listen to two tracks, the smooth 'Stay With Me' featuring John Legend and the Green-Bailey Rae duet 'Take Your Time,' a sweet sentimental song of pure surrender.