Monday, January 19, 2009

Soul Tracks

Yes, the album cover is repulsive. A 40 year old Bobby Womack decked out in a hot red leather outfit surrounded by hanging purple fabric. Blame it on the creativity of the 80's. Bobby Womack's 16th studio album, The Poet II, a follow up to 1981's brilliant The Poet, was released in 1984. Patti LaBelle joined the gritty soul singer, a protege of Sam Cooke, on a trio of songs, including the emotional 'It Takes A Lot Of Strength To Say Goodbye.' The chemistry between the two singers is dramatic and satisfying. In a career that has seen scattered moments of greatness, 'It Takes A Lot Of Strength To Say Goodbye' finds Bobby Womack at his finest as a singer, songwriter, and producer. In honor of Dr. King, included in this post is Womack's ode to MLK, 'American Dream', which features snippets of King's 'I Have A Dream' speech.

Bobby Womack feat. Patti LaBelle 'It Takes A Lot Of Strength To Say Goodbye'
Bobby Womack 'American Dream'