Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soul Fixin'

Pioneers of R&B Need Our Help
One of the founding principles of The Rhythm & Blues Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to the historical and cultural preservation of R&B, is to provide financial and medical assistance to older artists in the world of R&B. According to the Rhythm & Blues Foundation website, the organization has "helped pay for everything from eyeglasses and instruments to hospital stays and home care. Our grants have put food in empty cupboards, kept the heat on and made sure that the lights weren’t turned off. Sadly, families also turn to the Foundation to help bury artists who were once celebrated in life, but who have been forgotten in death." Without a doubt the R&B musicians and singers of the past have made immeasurable contributions to the world of music. In the words of rapper T.I "there would be no rap, hip-hop or whatever you want to call it, without R&B. I give props to the great artists from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's...we got to take care of our own!" Many of the pioneering artist of R&B who were often underpaid and too often unrecognized are in need of financial assistance.They gave so much, now it's time we give a little in return. Donations can be made at the Rhythm & Blues Foundation website.