Friday, October 10, 2008

Young, Gifted, Black And Dead!!!

Public Soul Announcement's series of Young, Gifted, Black and Dead!!! posts came to an end because finding articles on the deaths of young African Americans proved to be difficult and time consuming. However, I came across the story of Chicago teenager Kiyanna Salters last night. On October 5, Kiyanna boarded a CTA bus headed home after spending the day caring for a sick aunt. It is quite possible that while 17 year old Kiyanna rode the bus, with her cousin Jasmine Wilcox, she thought of her fellow classmate, Blair Holt, who was killed on a CTA bus 18 months prior. I'm sure she never thought she would meet the same fate. I'm sure she never thought a petty quarrel would turn violent, shots would be fired, and a bullet would hit her in the head. I'm sure she never thought her life would come to an end on a city bus. Unfortunately, it did. Kiyanna Salters died 30 minutes after being the innocent victim of senseless gunfire. Another sad example of black on black crime. According to the Chicago Tribune, at one point during the bus ride a young black male got on the bus and accidentally touched an older man's hand. Words were exchanged and both men then flashed guns at each other before the younger male got off the bus. As the doors of the bus began to close, the young male fired a round of shots at the bus. Kiyanna, an aspiring doctor with a flair for fashion, was the only person shot. Her aunt remembered her as a good kid, “If you’ve got a good child and you know they’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t too much worrying about them because you know God’s got them,’’ she said, tears streaming her face. “I guess it was her time to go. He just needed her. He needed her.’’A surveillance video inside the bus captured footage of the alleged suspect. The mother of the alleged suspect, Milton Wardlow, pleaded with her son to turn himself in after she saw the video on the news. Wardlow surrendered to authorities and has been charged with murder and ordered held without bail.


Anonymous said...

This really saddens my heart. I feel the pain of the family.However I am so grateful and thankful her killer has been captured.Last month 9-13-08 my 17 year old nephew Brandon Martin was killed riding in the car with his friends on his way home.Bullets came from the alley and he was the only one shot in the head around the eye area and died. His life will never be forgotten just like the sweet and beautiful childs life will ne be forgotten. My nephew was also talented and had overcome so many trials.His 19year old brother was killed 3-25-08 in a car accident. Brandon was in the car with him and it left him in a coma for 2 weeks came back strong only to have a bullet take his life. As a race people we must get it together. We say we want a change in the white house but what about our houses, our cities. What is the man in the mirror doing to change. Peace and blessings to all and to the family my prayers are with you and know your pain is being felt. Let's make that change plezzzz people!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all parents who is going through this great pain. I know how my mom felt losing 3 sons in tragedy death. My brother was 19, they found him dead in a hallway. second brother was hung up in the ceiling conected to a ceiling fan in the Englewood area by gangs. He was a very kind person. Last son was shot in Englewood area. It was maistaken identify behind white castle on 69th and Western. We need to take our children to church. Prayer is needed in our homes and schools. Fathers is needed in these homes. We as parents are sparing the rod. No discipline, respect for each other. We need God in our homes and in our life not just on Sunday, but everyday. Fathers go home to your sons, mothers are stuggling and caring this weigth of trying to raise these sons. I know, due to loosing my husband of an illness of cancer I was left raising 3 sons with the help of the Lord taking them to church, to Sunday School, keeping them in pray
line. Let them here the word of God .Stay out of trouble how we should live a honest, clean and holy life. Love one another. Not harm each other.Fathers and mothers love your children all they want is someone to listen to them. Give them your attention, love them, spent valuable time with them. These children are missing something out of their lives and they are taking the lives of children that have a goal.I wish to extend my sympathy to all families. But be comfort with these words: Revelation 21:4 says, and God shall wipe away all tears from there eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And part pf Psalms 30:5 says, weeping may endure for night, but joy cometh in the morning. So I encourage you to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. You all are in my prayers. Keep your hands in the hands of the Lord.