Monday, October 6, 2008

Soul Fixin'

VH1 Crowns 'Fight The Power' # 1
VH1 wrapped up its' countdown of the '100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs' Friday night. Public Enemy's militant anthem 'Fight The Power' proudly claimed the number one spot. If you were able to catch all five episodes of the countdown, I'm sure you were proud to see that many of hip hop's pioneers have not fallen by the wayside and are doing quite well. Wasn't it surprising to hear that Roxanne Shante is now Dr. Roxanne Shante? Yes, Roxanne Shante is a psychologist, with her own practice in Queens, NY. I'm sure no one was shocked to see that Biz Markie is still silly as hell.  I'm sure we were all quite satisfied with the Top 10, but I'm sure we were all surprised with some of the other songs that made the list. My side eye was in full time jack mode at times. While Lil John & The Eastside Boyz club banger 'Get Low' sounded great in the club, is it really worthy of being on the list?. What the hell was VH1 thinking when they included Camron's 'Oh Boy,' L'Trimm's  'Cars With The Boom, 'and Three 6 Mafia's 'Hard Out Here For A Pimp' on the list. Are these people serious? Tupac made an appearance on the list, 'I Get Around' ranked in at #14. Am I the only person that knows that 'Brenda's Got A Baby,' 'Dear Mama,' and 'Keep Your Head', to name a few, are far greater than 'I Get Around.' Kanye's 'Gold Digger', Missy's 'Get Ur Freak On' and 50's 'In Da Club' were all in the Top 20. WTF?? Did the girls from Rock of Love have a hand in making this list? When it was all said and done, I stared at television in disbelief when I realized that Southern rap music pioneer and every rappers' favorite rapper, Scarface, was absent from the list. I give VH1 credit for including 'Mind Playing Tricks On Me' but my hip hop side eye was in full effect. VH1 owes 'Face an apology and his own reality show. Hopefully, my side eye won't rear its ugly head tonight while watching VH1's Annual Hip Hop Honors show.