Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Jazmine Sullivan Will 'Bust Your Windows'
I don't condone any female busting the windows out of any car but I'm really enjoying Jazmine Sullivan's latest video for 'Bust Your Windows.' Jazmine Sullivan can do no wrong in my eyes. The video is quite predictable but that isn't a bad thing. What would make a rational woman go insane and bust the windows out her man's car? There could only be two answers; she discovers that he is cheating or she comes across evidence that proves he has been unfaithful. That is exactly what happens in this video, Jazmine finds some suspicious panties tucked under her man's pillow. Hell have no fury like a black woman scorned. Jazmine's rage results in her destroying a few of her man's prized possessions. Unfortunately, we don't get to see Jazmine bust the windows out his car, but her man arrives home to work greeted by a trail of broken glass that leads to those damn panties.