Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soul Fixin'

A Jackson 5 Reunion...Say What???You can file this in the I'll believe it when I see it files. According to Jermaine 'Jeri-Curl Juice' Jackson, he and his famous brothers are currently recording and planning a Jackson 5 reunion tour set for '09. You aren't the only one who is skeptical, my side eye is in full effect. In an interview with the Australian Associated Press, Jermaine stated “It is going to be more like a family affair, Janet's going to open and, of course, the original Jackson 5 ... Michael, Randy and the whole family ... We're in the studio, we're planning on being out there next year… This has been a long time coming for the Jackson family to get back together."  I can't imagine going to a concert to bare witness to a handful of men in their 50's prancing around stage singing hit songs such as “ABC,” “I’ll Be There” and “I Want You Back.”