Friday, October 3, 2008

Soul Tracks

Today's Soul Tracks selection may sound a bit familiar. More than likely you've heard Mary's brilliant remake of the song on her late 90's release Mary. The original version belongs to a group of brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Gap Band. The group was originally known as the Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band, streets that formed the black business district of Tulsa, better known as Black Wall Street. Charlie, Ronnie and Robert recorded the alluring love song for their 1979 self titled release. The album, the group's third shot at fame, proved to be successful thanks in part to the hit singles 'Shake' and 'Open Your Mind (Wide).' Clocking in at a little over 5 minutes, the simple yet beautiful 'I'm In Love', finds the Wilson trio in a reflective mood, reminiscing over a loved one. A sweet melody indeed.