Thursday, October 2, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Keyshia's Mary Moment
Yes, Keyshia Cole is having some sort of 'Mary moment.' The around the way girl from Oakland is doing like MJB did back in '99 and getting rid of all the drama. Keyshia intends to "lighten up and have a good time" for her third release, tentatively titled The Love Album. In a recent interview, Keyshia revealed "I’m just focusing on the subjects of love that make you happy. I just wanna switch it up a little bit. That’s all.” Has Ms. Cole found the love of her life? Has she reached a place of happiness and self love? I'm not sure, but I hope this new and improved attitude translates into good music. It's obvious this new attitude has blinded Ms. Cole from the dire realities of this country. Keyshia wants to sell a million records during the first week of release, doesn't she know this country is facing an economic meltdown? Keyshia, times are really hard and $15.99 is hard to come by nowadays. Keyshia's third album will hit the streets during the upcoming holiday season.