Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soul Tracks

The photo above was taken back in 1999 at the Rhythm & Blues Foundations 10th Annual Pioneer Awards. Dionne Warwick presented her younger sister Dee Dee with the foundation's Pioneer Award. Dionne thanked the foundation for paying homage to the "real singer in our family." High praise indeed, considering that Whitney Houston and Cissy Houston are members of the family. On that cold winter night Dionne was right by her younger sister's side, and three days ago Dionne was at her sister's side as she made her transition. The two sisters have never been far apart, sharing a bond that all sisters should share. The two talented sisters started singing gospel together and would go on to be the most in demand session singers of the early 60's. Dionne would go on to enjoy a successful solo career. Dee Dee possessed a more soulful sound and made a name for herself during the era of soul music. A 1968 recording session resulted in 'Foolish Fool,' today's Soul Track selection. In a 2001 interview, Dee Dee reflected on the song "...I didn't like it. I kept thinking, what is he talking about with this song? I just got very creative and once I got into, I could relate. Because at that time, people were giving me their opinions about my personal life and I was, to hell with it, I'm with who I'm with and that's my business." 'Foolish Fool' ranks as one of soul music's most impassioned performances, Dee Dee let it be known that no foolish fool was gonna steal her man. The Grammy's took notice and 'Foolish Fool' was nominated for a Grammy. Since the mid-'70s, she has done backup vocals for Dionne Warwick, and recorded sporadically on her own. Upon receiving the Pioneer Award, Dee Dee proclaimed, "I promise I'll see better days." Dee Dee's better days have come, she is now beyond the reach of pain and suffering, relaxing in paradise.