Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soul Fixin'

It's Time For A 'Change'

It's a shame good music is hard to find. Radio has forced us to listen to the likes of Akon, T-Pain & Lil' Wayne over and over and over again. A slew of refreshing,soulful,thought provoking and intelligent artist are being overlooked. One such artist is German-born Joy Denalane. It's safe to say that you've never heard of Joy Denalane, radio and television have yet to fully embrace her music. Joy is a testament to the global influence of black music,born in Germany to a German mother and South African father Joy was influenced by the sounds of soul, R&B and hip hop. A few years ago she embarked on Philadelphia and emerged with a masterpiece, her sophomore project, Born & Raised,a blend of soul, hip hop, and gospel. Rappers Raekwon and Lupe Fiasco and R&B singer Governor make guest appearances. Musical contributions were made by James Poyser and a slew of other renowned musicians. Check out the video for 'Change' featuring MC Lupe Fiasco. Mainstream media needs to take note, it's time for a change.


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