Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Barack Ain't Feeling Luda
The upcoming election has got everyone and their mama talking, rappers included. Common, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z and others have all dropped a verse or two expressing their support for Obama. Queens born MC Nas dropped the song 'Black President,' the track describes Nas' hopes for Obama should he win the election and the trials and tribulations he faces along the way. Obama supporters Big Boi and Mary J. Blige collaborated on the politically themed 'Sumthin's Gotta Give.' The latest rapper to join the rap-about-Obama team is Ludacris, he expresses his thoughts on the track 'Politics As Usual.' As you may already know, Team Obama is far from impressed with Luda's lyrical support. In a statement Obama's camp stated "as Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn't want his daughters or any children exposed to. This song is not only outrageously offensive to Sen. Clinton, Rev. Jackson, Sen. McCain and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics." Peep a few lines of the song:

"better yet put him in office, make me your vice president...Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant...Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?if you said it then you meant it..."

"you can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history...the first black president is destined and it's meant to be...the threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!...paint the White House black...and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified...McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed...yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped..."