Thursday, July 10, 2008

Under The Covers

A verse within the song " For The Love Of You Pts. 1 & 2" describes the soulful ballad perfectly, "smoother than a gentle breeze/flowin' through my mind with ease/soft as can be..." The smooth sensual vocals of Ronald Isley make it a bedroom classic. "Day will make a way for night/All we'll need is candlelight/And a song/ Soft and long..." What better song to have than "For The Love Of You"? The song, originally a poem, was written by Rudolph Isley for his wife Elaine. Rudolph gave the song to his brothers who re-wrote the entire song. The original recording of the song was accidentally erased forcing Ronald Isley to record a second version. A Top Ten R&B hit, the song was included on the 1975 release The Heat Is On, the group's first No. 1 pop album. Joss Stone's debut album The Soul Sessions, a bevy of cover versions of 60's and 70's soul songs, included an amazing reading of "For The Love Of You.." Produced by soul legend Betty Wright, The Soul Sessions included soul musicians Benny Lattimore, Timmy Thomas, Little Beaver and The Roots. Stone transforms "For The Love Of You..." into a slow burning 7 minute epic, reminiscent of Isaac Hayes' take on "Walk On By."