Friday, July 11, 2008

Soul Fixin'

One On One with Chaka

Chaka Khan sits down with TV One founder Cathy Hughes and dicusses her "roller coaster career; son's legal drama and more." The hour long show, "TV One On One," airs Sunday, July 13 at 10pm on TV One.

Speaking of tough times and life altering events, Chaka says "I’ve grown. I am in present time [now] at all times. And not afraid. More fearless because I am trusting in my higher powers. I still get my usual butterflies, but I think what we’re referring to here is just a fear of feeling, a fear of feeling any pain; a fear of experiencing anything unpleasant. Fear of life. I didn’t want to experience it, and so I hibernated and medicated."

Chaka also opens up about the 2004 shooting of a family friend at her home by her son Damien, who was acquitted of charges in 2006. “I got shaken out of that with the ordeal with my son. But I took that as an opportunity…I was being spoken to in a profound way. It was definitely a lesson – a life lesson and a message. I had to be there. I had to sit up and show up [at the trial] every morning. But it’s not just that. I had to carry the Holy Spirit with me everywhere I went and stay in a constant state of prayer and surrender to God. That’s when I really learned what it means when people so flippantly say, ‘Give it to God.’”

Chaka Khan is joined by longtime friend Betty Wright during the last segments of the show and the two reminisce about the early days of their careers.