Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soul Fixin'

MJB Graces The Cover of Vegas MJB is the face on the latest cover of Vegas Magazine. Like many of you, I had not heard of Vegas magazine up until now. Just to let you know, Vegas Magazine is a national lifestyle publication for Las Vegas. I can't help but notice that Mary's tattoos have magically disappeared along with the scar below her eye.

Check out an excerpt from the article:

"Mary J. Blige has a certain distaste for this country's favorite pastime, American Idol. But she won't admit it outright. "I haven't really watched it since Ruben [Studdard] won," the singer tells me after cutting her workout short and grabbing the phone at her New Jersey home for our interview.
But whether she likes it or not, she does think the juggernaut show does the contestants a huge disservice. "Honestly, it's not giving most of them a real chance to become an artist for the rest of their lives," she explains. "They are on national TV every night. They have automatic fame. All of the greatest artists had to struggle for their success."