Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Nas Unveils Album Cover And New Video"I ain't Farrakhan or Chuck D, I'm just a Queensbridge nigga that got rich...I love pissing people off and stirring up stupid muthafuckas."Over the weekend, Nas hosted the premiere of the music video for his controversial new single "Be A N*gger Too" and unveiled the cover of his upcoming untitled album. Directed by Rick Cordero, the video was inspired by old Spike Lee films. The video includes clips of Nas looking at his reflection through a mirror and rapping about racism, politics and religion and what appears to be a white slave owner pointing a gun at a black male slave. Speaking of the album artwork Nas said "the cover speaks for itself...it says nigger real loud." Nas recently dropped plans to title the album Nigger, the album will now remain untitled. Speaking of elder civil rights leaders who opposed the naming of the album, Nas said "this record is about how the older generation looks down on us. ... There's a crew of older black people, [they're] on their way out and we're on our way up. It looks like hip-hop niggas is about to make that Oprah money, and that's scary to them."