Monday, May 26, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Gov. Pardons Slick Rick

Rap legend Slick Rick received a full pardon from Gov. David Patterson, NY's first black governor, on May 23. According to The New York Times, Governor Patterson delivered the pardon to prevent the MC from being deported to England, where he was born and lived until the age of 11.
Back in 1991, Slick Rick was tried and convicted of attempted murder and weapon charges after shooting a cousin and acquittance. Slick Rick served 5 years in prison before being paroled. Slick Rick was under the threat of deportation, immigrants convicted of aggravated felony or weapons charges can be deported. In 2002, Slick Rick was arrested by the INS, who had been fighting for his deportation since 1995, aboard a Caribbean cruise ship. Rick spent a year in a Florida detention center before being set free.
Slick Rick's troubles are not completely over, the threat of deportation still looms over his head. Approval from immigration courts for an adjustment of status must be granted, chances of it being granted have greatly increased because of the governor's pardon.