Monday, June 28, 2010

Soul Fixin'

the great debate.
Jermaine Jackson appeared at the BET Awards as an ambassador of the legacy of his late brother. He was also there to introduce the world to the "one tribute performance we've yet to see." Less than 24 hours later, the internet is abuzz with skepticism surrounding that "one tribute performance." The man behind the tribute was R&B heartthrob Chris Brown. On one side of the fence you have those who believe Chris' performance was a genuine display of raw emotion, the other side of the fence is full of people who believe the performance was a well orchestrated PR stunt. As a Mass Communications grad, I too detect Brown's tribute was a well orchestrated public relations stunt. His once bright career has been at a dangerous standstill since headlines across the world chronicled the unfortunate incident between Brown and then-girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown was set to perform in tribute to MJ during 2009's BET Award, BET execs had a change of heart at the last minute. That performance was to be the performance that put Chris Brown back on the map. One year later, Chris Brown had to do more than just perform. He had to pull a stunt that would leave viewers speechless, garner old and new fans alike, & be the talk of media outlets around the globe. He did just that. Kudos to his PR team. However, I believe Chris Breezy could have easily garnered a similar reaction without the tear-filled emotional breakdown. Clearly, as seen in the video below, his vocals aren't on par to sing certain MJ songs but he is a great dancer capable of fantastic MJ dance tribute. Plenty of performers are overcame with emotion but a true professional would sing and dance through any sea of emotions. Needless to say, Chris Brown is officially back.