Monday, June 28, 2010

Soul Fixin'

a king-sized disappointment.
While one high yellow brother who rose to popularity in the 80's delighted the masses last night, another one left us all a bit disappointed. A consummate performer and entertainer, Prince walked on stage and accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award without performing. What a disappointment! I reassured myself that BET would shake things up a bit and allow Prince to close the show. (That would have been a genius move.) I was wrong. There would be no performance by Prince. In my mind, Prince was to be the highlight of the show. The artist who will forever be known as Prince is an innovator, icon, legend, the list goes on and on. Why wouldn't he perform? BET's young audience was in need of a brief history listen, a storied history that stretches back to the 70's. They needed to witness the definition of an entertainer/musician/singer/performer. Prince is the quintessential embodiment of the aforementioned. I was hoping to post his performance but Alicia Keys' rendition of 'Adore' is a worthy substitution. Enjoy!