Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soul Tracks

Aretha's 1976 collaboration with Curtis Mayfield, Sparkle, marked somewhat of a triumphant return to the music charts for the preacher's daughter from Detroit. Prior releases, With Everything I Feel In Me and You, marked the start of declining record sales for Aretha. The combination of Aretha, a chick from Detroit, and Curtis, a cat from Chicago, proved to be magic. The 8 track album is sexy, groovy, passionate, sensual and eye-opening, one of ReRe's finest and sexiest releases. Aretha wrapped her voice around the lyrics of Curtis Mayfield and her seasoned instrument rose to familiar heights, bone chilling wails, spectacular leaps and down-right painful cries. Aretha was back! Surprisingly, adult contemporary radio has yet to embrace Sparkle, 'Something You Can Feel' hits the airwaves once in a while. The title track is rarely heard on radio stations, so here it is for your listening pleasure. Peep Aretha serenade Canada back in '78 with 'Sparkle.'