Thursday, November 13, 2008

Soul Fixin'

Amazing Aretha
After the release of her seventh studio album for Atlantic Records, Spirit In The Dark, Aretha made an appearance on The Flip Wilson Show in support of the new album. The clip below shows a portion of Aretha's appearance. During this time, Aretha embraced a new look, a more natural look. Gone were the gigantic wigs and eyelashes, Lady Soul was rockin' a fro and a free flowing gown inspired by the dress patterns of Africa. Sitting at the piano with Flip at her side, the two entertainers engage in a little chit chat before Aretha starts singing. The obvious choice of song would have been the #1 hit 'Don't Play That Song' or the #3 hit 'Spirit In The Dark.' But Aretha, in the midst of a brand new love affair, decided to sing one of her original tunes from the Spirit In The Dark album, 'You And Me', a simple love ballad full of ecstasy, warmth, affection, and optimism. Effortless. The sole word that is capable of describing Aretha's performance. No wonder Rolling Stone magazine crowned her the 'Greatest Singer of All Time.'